Clemens Jeller

    Image Archive Vienna

    “Antique paper lover, photos, ephemera. Feeding the archive mostly with flea market finds.

    Interested in contemporary art for a long time I started collecting photography some years ago with a stereoview, a technique unknown to me before. out of curiosity… and developed a interest in antique photography; buying most of the photos, prints, drawings, books i have on flea markets or local shops;

    collecting without hierarchy; thinking about A.Warburg a lot;

    Creating INTERMEDIATES: pattern images, tableau collages, collages and graphical works as intermediates to leave the dry archive space to maybe reach people that are not as fascinated by single images, details or collections or the research thereof as I am…

    My takeover put me in the position to bring my collection in some kind of order for that project, what was new for me; which to choose and how to display? Exploring different variations; each one altering the original what is unwanted, as archivist, enjoying the pure existence of an object.”

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