Camille Carbonaro

    Macaroni Book

    Macaronibook is an independent publishing house founded by the photographer and visual artist Camille Carbonaro in 2016 based in Brussels. It focuses on photographic and poetic projects that deal about memory, identity, genealogy and exile with a particular attention to the relation between pictures, archives and texts.

    It’s driven by a spirit of independence and permanent research of the harmony between paper, printing and images through the publication of hand made book-object and fanzines in a limited number of copies.”

    1 – Thibault Tourmente

    2 – Prune Phi

    3 – Antonia Petritti

    4 – Maria Vittoria Desiato

    5 & 6 – Milica Stefanovic

    7 – Païen

    8 – Quentin Yvelin

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