Year: 2021

Thibault Tourmente

Thibault Tourmente has been exploring a visual archival work, Inventaire déraisonné, since 2018. This experimentation cuts and arranges 2427 images. The assemblage results in 12 fanzines, published by BATT Coop. A form of anti-language, Inventaire déraisonné creates its own semantics in the reader’s eye. This iconological research inscribes multiple and interchangeable proposals, combining the editorial approach with the perspective of a space setting.

Shadow over Shadow

“Shadow over Shadow” is a research about the tropes and genre conventions of film noir.

“A dark street in the early morning hours, splashed with a sudden downpour. Lamps form haloes in the murk. In a walk-up room, filled with the intermittent flashing of a neon sign from across the street, a man is waiting to murder or be murdered. (…) Standard lamps fallen on pile carpets, spilling a fan of light about the face of a corpse; interrogation rooms filled with nervous police, the witness framed at their center under a spotlight, heels clicking along subway or elevated platforms at night. (…) Here is a world where it is always night, always foggy or wet, filled with gunshots and sobs, where men wear turned-down brims on their hats and women loom in fur coats, guns thrust deep in their pockets…
And above all, shadow over shadow over shadow.”

Vann Powell

Artist, archivist, documentarian, and collector based in Durham, N.C. USA.

“The Disappearing Family,” traces the family unit through the modern period and into the post modern period. The images start in black and white and shift into color photography while shadowing the changing and de-centering aspects of social and cultural life as the family unit moves from the modern epoch into that of the postmodern.  The project was presented as an artist talk @cdsduke and is a forthcoming book publication.

Sarah Jitjindar

Sarah is a visual artist and researcher based in London. Her work investigates the intrinsic nature of materials, their arrangement and the impact of process and time on their structure, as well as the reinterpretation of “non-art objects” as “art objects”. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies and a master’s degree in Human Rights.


Obscura is a superbly curated assortment of vintage photography, photo booth surprises, happy accidents, collectible photobooks, and visual ephemera culled from years spent combing flea markets, estate sales, and swap meets. The Obscura collection is filled with stunning images that haunt the viewer long after their moment together has passed.

PS Archive

Patty Struik is a visual artist, who initially worked under her own name, making photo works and installations, collages and books. Since 1993 she was mainly active under the brand name LaSalle, a partnership with Albert Goederond. Most of their work concerned large projects in the public domain. See:

Collecting things and especially images has been a constant factor during all the years of her artistic work. Initially, in binders and filing cabinets, and later digitally. She has built up a very large archive that is continuously expanded and catalogued. It functions as a lively thoughts- and idea-reservoir, used when there is an external demand for her work.

Typical of Struik’s choices and the overall look is an eclectic, ‘cross-over’ character, converging very different times and cultural influences.

Depending on the specific demand or situation, she makes sharp, highly subjective choices. And so out of this diversity arises an identifiable entity. For her it is also important that every image on his own is of high quality.

In recent years Struik works on books and collages again, and is sharing a selection of her collections actively on Facebook. She began presenting image compositions by using projections in space and in digital frames.

She also completed a research assignment, made a concept for a big presentation at the Dutch Keukenhof Castle, received commissions for the Rijnstate Hospital, X BANK and Duchess Amsterdam.

At present Struik is looking for more opportunities to (financially) exploit her archive.

Nocturnia Book

Nocturnia Book is a project of visual research, archive and archeology of the photographic image. At a time in history when the body is seen as the form of content, Nocturnia remains anonymous by the author’s choice. Being in obscurity allows one to resist in a security zone where the alter ego is not necessarily a lie.

The Newsletter is the result of a stream of consciousness which various individual and collective narrative, culturally determined, are explored. These nocturnal projects, all coming from visual culture, communicate with each other through a fundamental component: relativism. 

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Lora Webb Nichols Archive

This photography collection is housed at the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. Lora Webb Nichols (1883-1962) created and collected approximately 24,000 negatives over the course of her lifetime in the mining town of Encampment, Wyoming. The images chronicle the domestic, social, and economic aspects of the sparsely populated frontier of south-central Wyoming throughout the early 20th century.

Found portraits from the garbage

MUCHO MAS! is an artist-run space in Turin, founded by Luca Vianello and Silvia Mangosio. Mucho Mas! exhibits emerging Italian and international artists, who undertake research into the role of the contemporary image. The aim of the gallery, together with artists and gallery founders is to exhibit a broad, transversal and critical view on how photography and its profound significance is changing today and how it has lost some of its original connotations, yet contextually it has acquired others that are much more pervasive

Mepaintsme is an online contemporary art gallery presenting thematic group exhibitions that feature emerging, mid-career, and established international artists. desires to create a legitimate space for virtual curation and exchange through social media, and embraces our collective evolvement of viewing, sharing and acquiring art online.

1 – Hungarian poster art for 1977 Wim Wenders film An American Friend

2 – Norman Cordon-Smith, Acid Awakening, 1970

3 – Muriel Le Pair @muriellepair

4 – Bruce Conner, Sound of Two Hand Angel (Detail), 1974.

5 – Dr. Lakra @doktorlakra

6 – Bruce Webber

7 – David Noonan @d.j.noonan

8 – Anonymous

9 – Indřich Heisler, Untitled. 1944

10 – Mieczysław Jakimowicz, Foreboding, 1907