Avalon K Hale-Thomson

    Avalon K Hale-Thomson (b.1999) is a digital archivist and illustrator born and based in London. Her current project, ‘@craigslistcore’ is an exploration in the ethical boundaries of digital found photography. An online archive comprised of photos uploaded to Craigslist in North America, it is intended to question the consequences of shifting images in and out of different contexts and across different mediums, the morality of cyber-voyeurism, and the bleeding overlap between the ‘offline’ and the ‘online’, the ‘private’ and the ‘public’. Originally curated on Instagram, @craigslistcore was forcibly deleted in February 2022 for violating the terms of service. For access to the archive in its current form visit https://gnosis.show/avalonhale.php or contact [email protected].

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