Year: 2022

Sondra Meszaros

Sondra Meszaros explores counter narratives of female sexuality. Taking cues from feminist performance art and Dada, her work involves a constant archiving and re-presentation of collected reference materials. By using feminist and psychoanalytic lenses, she aims to disturb, renegotiate and reclaim the representation of women and the female figure in the history of image-making.

Room & Book

Room & Book is an online secondhand art bookshop based in West London, specialising in Modern British art and International Modernism between 1909 and 1969; particularly sculpture and studio ceramics. The shop stocks rare, hard-to-find and out-of-print art books and vintage exhibition catalogues, as well as periodicals and “Little Magazines” with an emphasis on the Bauhaus, British Constructivism, Bloomsbury, the Neo-Romantics, New Generation Sculpture, St Ives and Surrealism.

Matteo Girola

Matteo Girola explores perceptive logics through photograph, video, drawing, installations and writing, often exploiting the uncertainties and the magic which the different forms of language harbour within themselves.

Found Fotografs

Manon Thiery was born in 1993. She currently lives in the south of France. She graduated in Film Studies and Art History (Paul Valéry University, Montpellier 3). In 2020, she received the Prix de Poésie de la Vocation, awarded by the Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation, for her book Réflecteur de la neige, published by Cheyne. She is a micro-editor, a self-taught photographer and a carer. She has been collecting vernacular photographs since 2014.

Magdalena Wysocka

Magdalena Wysocka is an artist who works in the fields of photography, artists’ books, research and archives. Her work revolves around collecting found books, deconstructing and transforming them to create new visual narratives. Originally from Upper Silesia in Poland, where she received her MA Degree in Printmaking, she currently works and lives in Berlin, Germany. Since 2016 she publishes and distributes her work through her imprint Outer Space Press, which she founded with her partner Claudio Pogo.

Outer Space Press is an independent press that designes and produces handcrafted artists’ books and photobooks in small print runs, sometimes in collaboration with other artists, who share a similar interest in photography and archive based work.

Lise Dua

“‘I’m not only writing for myself anymore’ is a dialogue between my father’s images and mine. During ten years I photographed my younger sister and recently I begun to associate this series with the pictures my father took of me as a child. I discovered echoes and similarities between the photographs I captured and the ones my father took off me. Unconsciously repeated these images describe the link between different generations of a unique family.

‘Loyalties’ is a corpus of photographs, drawings and cut-outs papers on photographs. From family albums, I became interested in the gestures that repeated from one album to another, from one generation to another. Some détails appeared to me, fragments that I have cropped, in order to recompose new images. Those images, than assembled in dyptichs, highlight relationships between two bodies through the years.”

Kevin Abell

“20+ year of collector of vernacular and found photography – pathologically drawn to images of incidental and inadvertent power. Whether creepy, sexy, menacing, compositionally complex, I am always looking for that image I have not yet seen.”

Jesse Langille

Jesse Langille is an artist, curator of images, maker of zines, and a photography collector. He studied art at the Rhode Island School of Design and resides In Philadelphia

Riso Ephemera

Riso Ephemera is a collection of Risograph printed matter based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil curated and archived by Igor Arume (@igorarume). The collection started in 2012 and so far has more than one hundred itens from more than 20 countries around the world. The aim of risoephemera is to collect and preserve the diversity of stencil printed books, zines and ephemera. “In this take over I hope to show you a fraction of this universe.”

Ebay Archives

An archvial project started in the first Covid-19 Lockdown of 2020 and continued since, Ebay Archives consists of found photographic images from boxes of strangers’ 35mm colour film slides bought on Ebay. The photos are from all over the world, date from the 1950s – 1990s, and the original photographers all remain unknown. How the slides end up on Ebay and in the artist’s hands is mostly a mystery, although it is suspected that most are resold from estate sales and flea markets. The images come with no backstory or origin information from the sellers – although some have dates, locations, or the names of subjects scribbled on the physical slide by their origional owners. The images can be used to study a range of concepts surrounding photography and the camera as a cultural object, such as ownership of the image, the intersection between public and private, the accessability of photography through time and the crisis of representation.

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