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Sarah Jitjindar

Sarah is a visual artist and researcher based in London. Her work investigates the intrinsic nature of materials, their arrangement and the impact of process and time on their structure, as well as the reinterpretation of “non-art objects” as “art objects”. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies and a master’s degree in Human Rights.

Lora Webb Nichols Archive

This photography collection is housed at the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. Lora Webb Nichols (1883-1962) created and collected approximately 24,000 negatives over the course of her lifetime in the mining town of Encampment, Wyoming. The images chronicle the domestic, social, and economic aspects of the sparsely populated frontier of south-central Wyoming throughout the early 20th century.

Jon Feinstein

” I split my time between making photographs, writing about photographs, marketing photographs, curating photographs, and raising my daughters.

Since 2019, I’ve been directing content/marketing strategy for The Luupe, a new platform connecting women and non-binary photographers with big brands to create diverse, authentic content. .

In my spare time, I run Humble Arts Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to supporting up and coming art photography. I work with photographers on collaborative interviews to make their photos shine.

I’ve curated over 50 exhibitions online and IRL, collaborating with curatorial heroes like Lumi Tan, Charlotte Cotton, Natalia Sacasa, Roula Seikaly, and Mickalene Thomas, landing press in HyperAllergic, Aperture, FeatureShoot, The New York Times and The New Yorker. 

I recently won the 2019 Blue Sky curatorial prize with Roula Seikaly, and also recently, curated my first museum show at The Ogden Museum in New Orleans.

My writing on photography has appeared in VICE, Slate, Daylight, Aperture, Adobe, Hyperallergic, Photograph, and Time, and my weekly stories and interviews on Humble’s blog have helped get photographers press, representation, and sell their work. 

My own photographs have been featured in Vice, Booooooooom, Paper Journal, Business Insider, Bon Appetit, Lenscratch, and (strangely) Fox News (no regrets). 

I also mentor photographers and am available for a whole lot of projects – let’s connect! 

Jesse Langille

Jesse Langille is an artist, curator of images, maker of zines, and a photography collector. He studied art at the Rhode Island School of Design and resides In Philadelphia