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B. Wells Douglas

B. Wells Douglas is a visual artist based in Bloomington, IN. His work uses his archive of vintage vernacular photographs to explore and examine social and political issues that the United States faces – historically and contemporarily. 

Since beginning his collection, Wells has acquired more than 50,000 35mm slides dating from the 1940s into the 1990s. The slides come from donations, thrift stores, estate sales, and online. Wells hopes to one day make his archive of photographs available to the public for researchers and other artists to use. 

Wells’ work has been shown across the world. Most notably at the Incheon Open Port International Photo & Film Festival in Incheon, South Korea, the International Center for Photography in New York, New York, and at the SE Center for Photography in Greenville, South Carolina.

Magdalena Wysocka

Magdalena Wysocka is an artist who works in the fields of photography, artists’ books, research and archives. Her work revolves around collecting found books, deconstructing and transforming them to create new visual narratives. Originally from Upper Silesia in Poland, where she received her MA Degree in Printmaking, she currently works and lives in Berlin, Germany. Since 2016 she publishes and distributes her work through her imprint Outer Space Press, which she founded with her partner Claudio Pogo.

Outer Space Press is an independent press that designes and produces handcrafted artists’ books and photobooks in small print runs, sometimes in collaboration with other artists, who share a similar interest in photography and archive based work.


Obscura is a superbly curated assortment of vintage photography, photo booth surprises, happy accidents, collectible photobooks, and visual ephemera culled from years spent combing flea markets, estate sales, and swap meets. The Obscura collection is filled with stunning images that haunt the viewer long after their moment together has passed.