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Augenblick Press

Augenblick press is a limited run publishers dedicated to found photography and the amateur eye. We hunt out archives which represent hidden histories that subvert the dominant narrative, bringing to light the sublime to the ridiculous.

“In this take over I hope to introduce the influences of certain image based mediums which have inspired the making of the book which hopefully transmit the intention and passion as well as include projects and collections you might find interesting. Augenblick comes from the German directly translating to ‘eye moment’ but is used to explain a moment in time. Happy to be a part and hope you enjoy.”

Vann Powell

Artist, archivist, documentarian, and collector based in Durham, N.C. USA.

“The Disappearing Family,” traces the family unit through the modern period and into the post modern period. The images start in black and white and shift into color photography while shadowing the changing and de-centering aspects of social and cultural life as the family unit moves from the modern epoch into that of the postmodern.  The project was presented as an artist talk @cdsduke and is a forthcoming book publication.

PS Archive

Patty Struik is a visual artist, who initially worked under her own name, making photo works and installations, collages and books. Since 1993 she was mainly active under the brand name LaSalle, a partnership with Albert Goederond. Most of their work concerned large projects in the public domain. See:

Collecting things and especially images has been a constant factor during all the years of her artistic work. Initially, in binders and filing cabinets, and later digitally. She has built up a very large archive that is continuously expanded and catalogued. It functions as a lively thoughts- and idea-reservoir, used when there is an external demand for her work.

Typical of Struik’s choices and the overall look is an eclectic, ‘cross-over’ character, converging very different times and cultural influences.

Depending on the specific demand or situation, she makes sharp, highly subjective choices. And so out of this diversity arises an identifiable entity. For her it is also important that every image on his own is of high quality.

In recent years Struik works on books and collages again, and is sharing a selection of her collections actively on Facebook. She began presenting image compositions by using projections in space and in digital frames.

She also completed a research assignment, made a concept for a big presentation at the Dutch Keukenhof Castle, received commissions for the Rijnstate Hospital, X BANK and Duchess Amsterdam.

At present Struik is looking for more opportunities to (financially) exploit her archive.

Abel Picogna

Abel was born in Friuli in 1994. He attended the Art Institute of Udine, with filmic and photographic address. From the Friulian mountains he moved to the Venetian lagoon, continuing his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, thus deepening his photographic research by walking around the city and exploring its suburbs. A course of Video Mapping, Interaction Design and Digital Photography lead him to deepen the virtual and interactive photography, then becoming the subject of his three-year thesis.

From the lagoon he will move to Urbino where he attends the ISIA, taking the specialization in photography, here he will carry out numerous projects, many of which in book form, instrument that will follow up to the thesis, where he will make a series of photographic books for children.