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Magdalena Wysocka

Magdalena Wysocka is an artist who works in the fields of photography, artists’ books, research and archives. Her work revolves around collecting found books, deconstructing and transforming them to create new visual narratives. Originally from Upper Silesia in Poland, where she received her MA Degree in Printmaking, she currently works and lives in Berlin, Germany. Since 2016 she publishes and distributes her work through her imprint Outer Space Press, which she founded with her partner Claudio Pogo.

Outer Space Press is an independent press that designes and produces handcrafted artists’ books and photobooks in small print runs, sometimes in collaboration with other artists, who share a similar interest in photography and archive based work.

Found Fotografs

Manon Thiery was born in 1993. She currently lives in the south of France. She graduated in Film Studies and Art History (Paul Valéry University, Montpellier 3). In 2020, she received the Prix de Poésie de la Vocation, awarded by the Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation, for her book Réflecteur de la neige, published by Cheyne. She is a micro-editor, a self-taught photographer and a carer. She has been collecting vernacular photographs since 2014.

Christine Marie Serchia

UK based curator, designer, and Art Director who uses research to define considered visual concepts for the creative and retail industries. She produces high quality image and film content, develop visually memorable campaigns that highlight brand qualities and narratives, curate content and exhibitions, and form creative and commercial partnerships with talented artists and collaborators. She’s been awarded for providing innovative solutions and proposing ideas that inspire others.

Founder of Just Friends Studio, a collaborative arts organisation, which publishes, designs, and creates conceptual work about the relationships most important to us.

Curator of exhibitions and photographic publications for Valentine Editions, a digital platform for case studies on photography and promoting the creative explorations of visionary humans.

Director of SERCHIA, a residential not-for-profit gallery in Bristol, UK celebrating ways of seeing and recognising artists whom make visible what would otherwise never be seen.

Named ‘Best Art Directors of 2020’ by Creativepool

Matteo Girola

Matteo Girola explores perceptive logics through photograph, video, drawing, installations and writing, often exploiting the uncertainties and the magic which the different forms of language harbour within themselves.

Sondra Meszaros

Sondra Meszaros explores counter narratives of female sexuality. Taking cues from feminist performance art and Dada, her work involves a constant archiving and re-presentation of collected reference materials. By using feminist and psychoanalytic lenses, she aims to disturb, renegotiate and reclaim the representation of women and the female figure in the history of image-making.

Mepaintsme is an online contemporary art gallery presenting thematic group exhibitions that feature emerging, mid-career, and established international artists. desires to create a legitimate space for virtual curation and exchange through social media, and embraces our collective evolvement of viewing, sharing and acquiring art online.

1 – Hungarian poster art for 1977 Wim Wenders film An American Friend

2 – Norman Cordon-Smith, Acid Awakening, 1970

3 – Muriel Le Pair @muriellepair

4 – Bruce Conner, Sound of Two Hand Angel (Detail), 1974.

5 – Dr. Lakra @doktorlakra

6 – Bruce Webber

7 – David Noonan @d.j.noonan

8 – Anonymous

9 – Indřich Heisler, Untitled. 1944

10 – Mieczysław Jakimowicz, Foreboding, 1907

Artist Field

Part of our research explores the many definitions of the word Field /Fēld/: (Noun) An area rich in nature / land used for study and cultivation / A place where a subject of scientific study or of artistic representation can be observed in its natural location or context / A space within which objects are visible from a particular viewpoint / The region in which a particular condition prevails, especially one in which a force or influence is effective regardless of the presence or absence of a material medium / A space on which something is projected / an area viewed through an optical lens. It is magnetic, gravitational.

Marie Quéau

Born in 1985 in Choisy-le-Roi (France), Marie Quéau has lived and worked in Paris since her last residency at the Cité internationale des arts in 2017. Graduate of the ENSP Arles (2009), her work has been exhibited at the PhotoLevallois Festival, the Salon de Montrouge, the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères, Filature Mulhouse, Gallery Michel Chomette, as well as in various museums and institutions. In 2012, she received the Nofound Photo Fair/de Groot Foundation Prize for her series Gojira

Started in 2013, her Odds and Ends project has already been supported by the CNES Space Observatory, the DRAC Grand Est, the Centre Européen d’Actions Artistiques Contemporaines (international project grants) and CNAP. In 2016, the artist was selected for a post-production residency at the CPIF (Centre Photographique d’Ile-de-France) where she exhibited Odds and Ends series within the frame of Les Précipités #3. Her photographs were also displayed at Présent & Projet exhibition, held at the Cité internationale des Arts in 2017. Marie Quéau was also laureate of the 2017 CNAP creation grants (contemporary documentary photography). In 2018, Odds end Ends won the Carré sur Seine Prize and was named among the finalists for the HSBC Photography Prize. In september 2018, her series Handbook was published by September Books. In 2021, Odds and ends was published by Area Books. In the meantime, Marie Quéau has participated in various collective exhibitions in Ofr. bookstore, Galerie Triple V and les Frigos in Paris. She has also taken part in collective publications such as Passion #3 “La belle vie sous un autre angle” and Talweg 02 (Pétrole éditions). She was laureate of the “Résidence sur Mesure” grant, supported by the French Institute, for her project “232,8°C” that will be led in Rio (Brazil) in 2019 and National Commission « Regard du Grand Paris » with CNAP and Atelier Médicis.

Found portraits from the garbage

MUCHO MAS! is an artist-run space in Turin, founded by Luca Vianello and Silvia Mangosio. Mucho Mas! exhibits emerging Italian and international artists, who undertake research into the role of the contemporary image. The aim of the gallery, together with artists and gallery founders is to exhibit a broad, transversal and critical view on how photography and its profound significance is changing today and how it has lost some of its original connotations, yet contextually it has acquired others that are much more pervasive

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