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Asia Chmielewska (b.1978) is Polish-born and Barcelona based self taught photographer and collector of vernacular photographs (and other non essential but beautiful objects). Project Fragmnts was created a few years ago with aim to tell micro stories compiled from random old photographs and thus save them from oblivion.

Kevin Abell

“20+ year of collector of vernacular and found photography – pathologically drawn to images of incidental and inadvertent power. Whether creepy, sexy, menacing, compositionally complex, I am always looking for that image I have not yet seen.”

Adam Broomberg

(b. 1970, Johannesburg) is an artist, activist and educator. He currently lives and works in Berlin. He is a professor of photography at the Hochschule für bildende Künste (HFBK) in Hamburg and teaches in the MA Photography & Society program at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. For two decades, he was one half of the critically acclaimed artist duo Broomberg & Chanarin.    

Riso Ephemera

Riso Ephemera is a collection of Risograph printed matter based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil curated and archived by Igor Arume (@igorarume). The collection started in 2012 and so far has more than one hundred itens from more than 20 countries around the world. The aim of risoephemera is to collect and preserve the diversity of stencil printed books, zines and ephemera. “In this take over I hope to show you a fraction of this universe.”

Augenblick Press

Augenblick press is a limited run publishers dedicated to found photography and the amateur eye. We hunt out archives which represent hidden histories that subvert the dominant narrative, bringing to light the sublime to the ridiculous.

“In this take over I hope to introduce the influences of certain image based mediums which have inspired the making of the book which hopefully transmit the intention and passion as well as include projects and collections you might find interesting. Augenblick comes from the German directly translating to ‘eye moment’ but is used to explain a moment in time. Happy to be a part and hope you enjoy.”

Artist Field

Part of our research explores the many definitions of the word Field /Fēld/: (Noun) An area rich in nature / land used for study and cultivation / A place where a subject of scientific study or of artistic representation can be observed in its natural location or context / A space within which objects are visible from a particular viewpoint / The region in which a particular condition prevails, especially one in which a force or influence is effective regardless of the presence or absence of a material medium / A space on which something is projected / an area viewed through an optical lens. It is magnetic, gravitational.

Abel Picogna

Abel was born in Friuli in 1994. He attended the Art Institute of Udine, with filmic and photographic address. From the Friulian mountains he moved to the Venetian lagoon, continuing his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, thus deepening his photographic research by walking around the city and exploring its suburbs. A course of Video Mapping, Interaction Design and Digital Photography lead him to deepen the virtual and interactive photography, then becoming the subject of his three-year thesis.

From the lagoon he will move to Urbino where he attends the ISIA, taking the specialization in photography, here he will carry out numerous projects, many of which in book form, instrument that will follow up to the thesis, where he will make a series of photographic books for children.

Ali Beşikçi

Ali Beşikçi (1997, Istanbul) is an artist and publisher. His first book “In Between” was published by Ofset Yapımevi in 2017. Beşikçi participated in a collaborative project between Fabrika Zine and Fail Books in 2018 with a photozine comprising 31 photographs. The same year he founded Zone Magazine, a contemporary photography platform that aims to cultivate dialogue among artists and their audience. He edited and published “Z-ONE” in 2020 and “The Halcyon Days [A Dialogue Between] Isabella Nitto and Luca Baioni” in 2021.

Avalon K Hale-Thomson

Avalon K Hale-Thomson (b.1999) is a digital archivist and illustrator born and based in London. Her current project, ‘@craigslistcore’ is an exploration in the ethical boundaries of digital found photography. An online archive comprised of photos uploaded to Craigslist in North America, it is intended to question the consequences of shifting images in and out of different contexts and across different mediums, the morality of cyber-voyeurism, and the bleeding overlap between the ‘offline’ and the ‘online’, the ‘private’ and the ‘public’. Originally curated on Instagram, @craigslistcore was forcibly deleted in February 2022 for violating the terms of service. For access to the archive in its current form visit or contact [email protected].